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Natural Tree Care and Recycling in Denver

Tree Care Services

Our expert team of tree specialists and certified arborists in Denver provide all the tree services you need for your landscape including pruning, removal, fire mitigation, pest management, planting and tree consultations. 


Tree Pruning

We care about the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs, and pruning can really help them thrive in our Front Range Colorado climate.  We offer professional tree pruning services that will keep your trees growing strong and healthy for many years to come. Our team of experienced arborists knows exactly when and how to prune your trees to encourage growth, retain strength, and reduce breakage to keep them looking their best.

Tree Removal

Sadly, sometimes trees have to be removed for a variety of reasons. When a tree gets major storm damage, or becomes diseased, or dies, we can help you with tree removal in the Denver.  We have all the proper equipment to safely remove trees in the Front Range of Colorado, including forestry bucket trucks that help us get to high places, and stump grinding to prepare area for new plantings. Our team is safety trained, and we recycle the tree debris, so nothing goes to waste. We can also help plant new trees if you lose a valuable tree and want to replant a new one in it's place.


Tree Planting

Our Tree Planting service includes expert guidance on tree selection and planting in Denver and the Front Range of Colorado. We understand the importance of having the right tree in the right place and we will help you pick out the perfect tree for you landscape. Whether you want shade, to see more birds and wildlife, to enjoy flowers or color, or all the above, we can help you choose and plant a tree that you and future generations can enjoy.  We often work with native tree species and incorporate sustainable practices to ensure a healthy and beautiful tree for your property.


Tree Consultation

Our Denver arborists can provide a tree consultation to help you make decisions on how to care your your trees, or assist in selecting new tree plantings to add to your property. We can help recommend necessary tree care services, pest management, site clearance or fire mitigation and offer guidance and estimates for your tree service needs.


Fire Mitigation

Fire mitigation is important in our dry climate of Colorado.  We can help with forest management and create defensible space around your property. We can also advise you on what plantings and practices are best to reduce fire danger around your home or property. 

Pest Management

A healthy tree that is thriving is the best prevention for pests. Reach out to us if you think you have a pest problem with your tree and we can accurately identify any issues, and recommend if any treatment or management is needed. There are beneficial treatments, as well as safer and natural pest treatments, and proper timing is important with all methods. Ultimately, we want to help ensure your tree is healthy while also protecting the birds, pollinators wildlife, and environment.


Keep in mind that not all insects are pests that do major damage to trees, most cause only minor cosmetic damage. Insects are part of the food web and ecosystem – caterpillars are vital baby bird food, for example, so it's important to determine if any pest management is needed at all. 

Creating a safe landscape for birds and beneficial insects to keep pest populations in check is the preferred way to care for your trees.

Image by Yaroslav Muzychenko

“Aaron and Savannah did a fantastic job. They were prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely thorough. They carefully trimmed the trees in a way that looks natural, and will keep them healthy for years to come. They also cleaned up the job site very nicely. Highly recommend if you want to take good care of your trees!”

~  Ronnie G.

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