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Trees are essential organisms to our world and we strive to provide the highest degree of natural tree care and recycling for our clients.  

Denver Tree Service

Natural Tree Care and Recycling in Denver offers expert tree pruning, tree removal, fire mitigation, planting and tree consultations. Let our Denver Arborists help you take care of your trees, we will recommend the best care for your trees so that they can thrive in our harsh climate.

Denver Tree Trimming

We offer expert tree pruning for trees in Denver and the surrounding Front Range. We have a truck lift to get to the highest trees, as well as all the best equipment for pruning trees properly. We recommend pruning in the winter months if possible as this is the best time to see the structure of the tree, and it's healthier for the tree to be pruned when not leafed out. We also offer pruning of broken branches, unsafe limbs, and will work to improve the tree's structure so it will be healthy and resilient.

Denver Tree Planting

We can help you choose the best trees for your Denver landscape. There are many trees native to the Colorado Front Range that we can recommend, and we can also help you choose the best small trees, and even the best Fruit trees for Denver.

A few great native tree choices for Denver include Utah Serviceberry, Ponderosa Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Rocky Mountain Maple, and Piñon Pine. Our Denver Arborist can help you select the best tree for your needs and landscape location.

Our tree planting service is done professionally to ensure your tree will be healthy and happy in it's location. We will dig a broad planting hole, amend the soil as needed, and plant the tree at the proper height. It is important that the tree's trunk flare is partially visible after the tree is planted. Trees should be planted in the dormant seasons if possible, as this gives them a chance to establish roots in the new location before the spring rains and warmth encourage the to put out top growth.

Reach out to us today to discuss your tree care needs.

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Paul Bunn
Paul Bunn
04. Apr.

you removed a tree in my backyard. Now I need a large evergreen tree planted there. do you do that?

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