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Trees are essential organisms to our world and we strive to provide the highest degree of natural tree care and recycling for our clients.  

How to Improve Tree Health

Aaron, owner of Natural Tree Care and Recycling in Denver, Colorado, offers these tips for keeping your trees healthy:

Number One Tip: “Water your trees.”

In the Front Range of Colorado, one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner to keep your trees in good health is to water your trees. Most of our trees here in our landscapes would not survive without supplemental water. This is especially important in our dry winter months – water infrequently but deeply during the winter to keep trees healthy. When properly watered, trees can fight off disease and pests much more effectively – so this is the number one thing you can do for your trees in Denver and surrounding areas. Also, if you have recently installed a Coloradoscape, Xeriscape or low-water native garden bed around your trees, don't forget to irrigate and water your trees – they will not thrive without supplemental water in both summer and winter months.

How to Improve Tree Health in Denver

Additional Tips to improve Tree Health:

Pruning Trees

It is also important to prune your trees as needed, to keep their natural shape and overall health. Pruning is important when there are cracks or broken branches, or to lighten the load to keep a branch healthy and strong so it can better withstand early or late snow storms or wind.

Mulching Trees

Mulching the areas under your trees can help conserve moisture and regulate temperature to help trees thrive in our dry climate.

Protect the Roots & Trunk

Make sure to protect the trunks and roots of your trees from lawnmowers, weed whackers or other damaging machines. By adding mulch around your trees, this will help keep weeds and grass from growing up against the trunk so you don't have to mow or weed wack around the base of the tree. This is especially important with young and newly planted trees. You can also leave the leaves in the mulch in the fall, which helps insulate, conserve moisture, and feed your tree.

Natural Tree Care and Recycling - Aaron on Lift at community garden in Denver
Aaron on Lift at community garden in Denver, we donated tree pruning to help improve the health of their trees.

Denver Tree Care Experts

Natural Tree Care and Recycling offers tree care in Denver and surrounding areas.

If you have questions about your trees, reach out to us and we can come out for a tree arborist consultation. We offer pruning, supplemental watering, tree planting, fire mitigation, and tree removal. View all of out tree services »


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